The terms and conditions below govern the sale of products presented on the website, between the seller, the company Glesbo sprl, and the buyer (the user or customer).


Identification of the seller


Avenue Henri Jaspar, 132

B-1060 Bruxelles


TVA : BE 0438 150 285

RCB : 535.420


The company Glesbo Sprl is responsible for sales of products through its website in Belgium, in Luxembourg as well as worldwide.

Characteristics of the goods offered for sale

The articles on sale on the website are sold in our store in Belgium. Purchases can be made internationally.

The photographs which illustrate the articles are not contractually binding. Glesbo Sprl is not responsible for any errors that may appear therein.

Delivery of the merchandise

The purchased goods shall be delivered within 14 working days. In case that an ordered article would be out of stock  or not available for time being, Glesbo Sprl is committed to advice the customer and to organize either an exchange with another article tagged at the same price, either to cancel the transaction and to reimburse the customer.


The prices are stated in euros. The prices include the VAT (value added tax). Should the VAT rate be modified, this rate difference may affect the price of the articles.

Glesbo Sprl reserves the right to change its prices at any time.


Payment is made either by bank transfer from a European bank account or by credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard), either by secure electronic wire via Paypal or Ogone.

To ensure payment security, all confidential data linked to credit cards is encrypted according to SSL standards, and is therefore not accessible on our server. The company Ogone serves as a trusted third party for all electronic payment operations.

No-return policy

If an article purchased on the website and received by a client does not suit, an exchange is always possible under the condition that the goods are returned to Glesbo Sprl within the original package and within 15 working days after initial delivery

A credit voucher will then be issued.

What is the guarantee of availability of the articles?

Nursery items

If an item is not immediately available from our supplier, Glesbo Sprl will issue a "credit voucher" which notes the desired item(s) and which you will be able to exchange for the items once they come in.

If Glesbo sprl is out of stock on an item that has been fully paid, we will either locate the item in one of other outlets, or we will substitute it with a similar item.




Placing an order


If the customer wishes to place an order, he or she selects the various articles, and clicks on the basket. Each newly added item in the shopping basket will be shown by the opening of a corresponding window.

The customer can:


View a summary of purchases

Proceed with the order

End the item selection and place the order.


To order the selected items after clicking "complete my order", the customer must identify him or herself, either by entering the customer code code and last name if he or she has previously ordered from, or else by filling out the registration form. In the latter case the customer must fill out the form provided completely so that the order may be processed.


Order Confirmation

After having verified the status of their order, and once all of the requested information is provided by the customer, he or she will click on "yes, i confirm my order" to confirm their order. The user should then either take note of the bank account and the transfer instructions in order to execute the bank transfer (or print out the prefilled transfer form), or enter the number of his or her credit card, the expiration date, and the security code (three-digit number printed on the back of the card).


Acceptance of the order

Any order of an article offered on the website implies that the customer has read and agreed to these sales terms and conditions, without his or her handwritten signature.

Order confirmation

Once the customer has made the online payment (by supplying the credit card number and expiration date), Glesbo Sprl will send a confirmation e-mail with a summary of the order placed on the website to the e-mail address that the customer provided when placing the order.

This confirmation will include all of the constituent parts of the contract between the parties; that is, the identity of the customer, the identification of the product or service, the price, delivery fees if any, and the terms of payment.

If the credit card payment is rejected, the user will receive a message that the payment was denied and the article will be put back on sale.


Personal data collected by Glesbo Sprl

1. When the user places an order on the Glesbo Sprl website, Glesbo Sprl collects and stores the data below, which may be considered as personal data:

User e-mail address

All information supplied to Glesbo Sprl by the user (name, address, personal information...)

All information concerning the pages the user viewed on the Glesbo Sprl website

All information concerning pages of other websites the user visited in order to reach the Glesbo Sprl website

2. The user is solely responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data submitted to Glesbo Sprl.

3. Whenever Glesbo Sprl receives or sends data through its website, Glesbo Sprl reserves the right to use encryption technology that is recognized as the standard industry technology within the information technology sector.

4. Glesbo Sprl pledges to comply with the terms of the law of 8 December 1992 concerning the protection of data privacy, as modified by the law of 11 December 1998.

Use and purpose of data processed by Glesbo Sprl

Personal data collected and stored through this website is only for internal use by Glesbo Sprl (which is responsible for processing the data and may delegate this task to subcontractors) but may also be shared with other companies for commercial purposes. Personal data is processed by Glesbo Sprl in order to improve its website, to keep the user informed of updates to the site, to inform the user about Glesbo Sprl products, to collect customer inquiries and suggestions, as well as for statistical and commercial purposes (including direct marketing).

Right of access, opposition and correction

Pursuant to the law of 8 December 1992 concerning the protection of data privacy, as modified by the law of 11 December 1998, the user has the right to oppose the processing of his or her personal data, to request access to the data, and to request corrections to the data.

If the user wishes to exercise his or her right of access, opposition, and/or correction, he or she should contact Glesbo Sprl:

Via the contact page of the website


By telephone: +32 2 538 39 51

By post: Glesbo Sprl- Henri Jaspar Avenue, 132 - B-1060 Brussels - BELGIUM

Communication by electronic mail and by post

The user agrees that Glesbo Sprl may communicate with him or her by e-mail or post, including for advertising, informational and other purposes.

If the user does not wish or no longer wishes to receive electronic or postal correspondence from Glesbo Sprl, he or she may send Glesbo Sprl an e-mail at the following address: , or may unsubscribe on the website or through a link in the e-mail messages received.

Comments on the privacy policy of Glesbo Sprl?

A user wishing to comment on the privacy policy of Glesbo Sprl may contact Glesbo Sprl:

Via the contact page of the website

By telephone: +32 2 538 39 51

By post: Glesbo Sprl- Henri Jaspar Avenue, 132 - B-1060 Brussels - BELGIUM




Applicable law and competent court


The above terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law. Only the Brussels Capital Region's courts of law are competent. Glesbo Sprl reserves the right to take legal action against persons acting in a way that can be considered illegal or illicit or contrary to these terms and conditions.

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