BUDO HOUSE at a glance

Since 1978, BUDO HOUSE, a family business located in Brussels, provides the equipments for martial arts and fighting sports to teachers, experts, and beginners throughout Belgium.  The store is located on the small ring of Brussels (the Pentagon), near the Porte de Hal. It is on walking distance from the South Station (Gare du Midi).

Sales are also organized on the stands that the Budo House team installs systematically across the country during competitions, workshops, and demonstrations.

The shipment of goods is done by mail throughout the country for parcels of less than 30 kg and free of charge if the amount of the order exceeds 99 euros.

What do we offrer?

A wide range of products

At Budo House, the practitioner will find everything that is needed to progress in any discipline of the vast family of martial arts and fighting sports, including:

  • all basic individual equipment and required protections
  • all equipment for training and preparation such as punching bags and stretching machines
  • documentation and training materials such as books, CDs and DVDs
Information and exposure

Budo House also provides free access to a maximum of addresses of clubs and federations
displayed on 4 2m2 panels in the lobby.

Exclusive Brands

In addition to the BUDO HOUSE Brand, which is proprietary trademark of Budo House, you will find - exclusively for Belgium the famous KAITEN (old Kamikaze) and FUJI brands, as well as most of the big brands available on the market: KWON, DAN RHODE, MIZUNO, THAISMAI, TOP TEN, HAYASHI...

Who are we?

The Budo House Team
  • Danielle Van Laer, CEO
  • Aldric Polet, Managing Director
  • Daniel Hayen, Employe

BUDO HOUSE continues since ever its mission to support and encourage the development of the practice of martial arts and fighting sports in Belgium and in the world, mainly by providing equipments, books and DVDs, but also by supporting directly the key players in the world of martial arts and fighting sports, namely, the federations, teachers and, of course, the practitioner.

It is not enough just to be the reference as provider of top quality at the best price. BUDO HOUSE organizes directly or in collaboration a multitude of events and sporting events with the help of many experts in martial arts.

Sponsoring and Events Organisation

They became very famous, these Martial Arts Days, starting in 1982 and reaching a dozen editions presenting the cream of the cream in martial arts in Belgium, reaching an audience between 1000 and 1500 people each year.

Without considering any hierarchy, we must remember these champions and experts who participated :
Robert Van de Walle, the Laats brothers, Myazaki sensei, Sawada sensei, Kasajima sensei, Sergio Gneo, Sugano sensei, Cardon, Mochizuki sensei, master Tham Bui, master Jooh Lee, Tsukada sensei, Richard Prospero, Van der Graecht, Van Reybroeck, Van Varenberg alias Jean-Claude Van Damme, Quissi, Jean-Paul Schrauwen, Claude Goetz, William Delval, Miloud Messaoudi, François Toussaint, Riggiani, Pascal Verhille, Liseune, master Kuo Chi, Garcia, master Nan Hoang, Gonzette, master Nguyen, master Kim, Lo Gioco, master Dong and master Chang and many others...

Other great events were the Belgian Kung Fu Wu Shu championships.

The first ever European Kung Fu Wu Shu Championship at the Palais du Midi…
The Belgian All Style Championships at the d'Etterbeek Sports Centre with a generation of great fighters: Taelman, Girardi, the brothers D'addario, Osman, Janssens, the brothers Bernhard, Kaliskan, Aziz El Miri, the brothers El Aoued, Francois Toussaint , Dominica Niesette, Ramazan, Ben Ali, Charlie Mutambaye, Hughes Crêvecoeur, Biskos, Mario D'Hooker, Karel and Guy Para.

The World Championships kick boxing at Halles de Schaerbeek in 1985 with amongst others Ernesto Hoost, was also sponsored by Budo House.

Sensei '89 at the Cirque Royal was co organized by Budo House and Etienne Thon.

We can not mention all the events and competitions that BUDO HOUSE sponsored but we can still evoke

  • a dozen International Open Taekwondo Tournament, as well as the Brussels Open Taekwondo;
  • International Judo Tournament of Crossing Schaerbeek;
  • The Judo Open Visé;
  • The Judo Open Women Arlon;
  • The Flanders Judo Cup;
  • The Lommel Agglorex Trophee;
  • The Judo Masters World Championship 2008;
  • The annual Shotokan Karate workshops Namur and Gent;
  • The Aikido workshop of Wégimont;
 Federations Sponsoring

Since 1995, BUDO house is the official sponsor to the league of the Belgian French speaking Judo and since 2007, the sponsor to the Association of the Belgian French speaking Tae kwon Do Federation; since 2006 the sponsor to the Association of the Belgian French speaking Ju Jitsu


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