Livres : Karaté. Technical cahiers


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Karaté. Technical cahiers

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Author: G Sauvin
Editorial: Primatice
Pages : 160
Format: 30 x 20 cm
Weight: 0.7 kg
Languages: FR

Summary : 

Guy Sauvin, former champion of France and Europe gives us the fruit of his deep experience. The karate technical notebooks represent a unified method of teaching, which has been expected by all the teaching staff for a very long time. Cahiers techniques - all styles combined - correspond to a need. For a long time, the "styles" of karate have been subdivided, and the katas are separated from each other, and there is less and less difference in teaching, whatever the styles practiced. The author, who has contributed so completely to his contribution to the construction of karate, explains how to apply basic techniques to combat.

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Livres : Karaté. Technical cahiers

Livres : Karaté. Technical cahiers


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