Gymstic Functional Trainer with Workout DVD


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The Gymstick Functional Trainer workout DVD is a perfect tool for a complete body workout. You can perform more than 100 exercises in which the opposing force is supplied by your own body. This is called suspension training, and is very popular in America. The American version of the functional trainer, TRX trainer, in America even used by the military as training material and to the fitness of soldiers to test. Suspension trainers like the Gymstick Functional Trainer and the TRX trainer are popular because of the ease with which they can design, breaks down and moves. You can Gymstick Functional Trainer everywhere you go and spot go to the gym. Another advantage is the control of your exercises. By changing the angle at which you exercise, your exercise, heavier or lighter.

On the Gymstick workout DVD of the Functional Trainer provides explanations and demonstrations of various exercises. Train with the instructor on the DVD and put yourself in shape.

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Gymstic Functional Trainer with Workout DVD

Gymstic Functional Trainer with Workout DVD


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