Kaiten Dynamic

New product

The completion of the Kaiten Sportsline.

€ 65.00

The addition to the Kaiten sports program. The improved version of the Dynamic.

- The use of better yarns can be seen directly from the lightweight, breathable ribbed fabric: the suit is glossy white and light as a feather

- new wide elastic waistband with sweat absorbing lining

- new air openings in the crotch and underarm to improve the temperature compensation on the skin - you will sweat less!

A special bonus: The "New Dynamic" is packed in a practical black shoulder bag


       Cut: Kumite
       Pants: elastic band
       Jacket: Long, long sleeves
       Weight: about 8 ounces.

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Kaiten Dynamic

Kaiten Dynamic

The completion of the Kaiten Sportsline.


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