Book : Karate do nyumon


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Karate do nyumon 

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Author: G Funakoshi
Publisher: Budo Editions
Pages: 128
Format: 26 x 19 cm
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Languages: FR

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Summary: Karatedô Nyûmon literally means "the doors that open the way to karate". Through this book, the Founder concretizes his desire to clarify the thought and practice of karate to make it accessible to neophytes while preventing any distortion of the teaching by proposing a book of reference to the more advanced practitioners. This book has considerable value because it includes texts never published, written shortly before the master's death in 1957 in the interest of preserving the integrity of art. Master Funakoshi begins by putting in perspective karate, victim (already) of a popularity that has distorted it by reducing it to a simple demonstration of strength and violence. The fundamental originality of this work resides mainly in the choice of the kata which is presented there, the Ten-no-kata. It is not part of the usual katas of karate but it represents the very synthesis of these katas realized from simple forms and which contains the essence of art. Funakoshi deliberately selected movements that show no learning difficulties so that the Ten-no-kata can be worked by all and offer the essence of condensed karate through postures, sequences and work on distance and Interaction between the most fundamental partners. This kata, explained precisely and illustrated by numerous photographs, makes it possible to establish or restore the correct principles in terms of posture, thought and action and establishes itself as a solid base of reference to accurately control the complexity Traditional katas. Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957) is considered the founder of karate and is, as such, honored in all the karate dojos of the world. It is "the spirit of karate", the absolute reference

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Book : Karate do nyumon

Book : Karate do nyumon


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